Saturday 27 July 2013

 Investiture 2013

On July 13th members of the Grand Priory of Great Britain met at St Patrick's Church in Soho Square, London to invest new members.  The Investiture was preceded by High Mass with Chaplains, Fr Aldo Tapparo, as celebrant, Fr Simon Henry, Chaplain General, as deacon and our Chancellor, Fr Mark Lawler, as sub-deacon.

St Patrick's Church, Soho Square.

The setting of the recently restored St Patrick's was indeed most splendid and enhanced by the beautiful music from Cantus Magnus "Messe de Nostre Dame" by Machaut (the first known complete Mass setting by a single composer - first written for Rheims Cathedral around 1350, a French setting in recognition of our guest of honour, HRH Prince Charles-Philippe d'Orléans, Duc d'Anjou, Grand Master Emeritus) and "O Sacrum Convivium" by Messiaen. The medieval chant of the Machaut Mass setting was particularly evocative and moving.

Members of Cantus Magnus practising before Mass

Thanks are also due to Juventutem London, who very kindly organised the servers for Mass.  Particular thanks to Fr Alexander Sherbrooke, Parish Priest of St Patrick's, for his very warm and helpful welcome.

Solemn Mass



Rev. Fr. Aldo Tapparo, SChLJ.

Ceremony of Investiture

At the end of Holy Mass the Grand Prior, the Much Honoured Baron of Fetternear, read out the Grand Master's Mandate for the Investiture.
The Grand Prior, the Much Honoured Baron of Fetternear MBE GCLJ GCMLJ JP

The Grand Prior was then joined by the Grand Master Emeritus and the Chaplain General, who blessed the Insignia. 

The Marshall then brought forward those who were to be invested.

HRH Prince Charles-Philipe d'Orléans, Duc d'Anjou.
Grand Master Emeritus

Fr Simon Henry, ECLJ, CMLJ,
Chaplain General
H.E. Chev. Matthew Jackson KLJ
Marshal of the Grand Priory

Conseour Anne Sterland was invested as a Sister of the Order.
Conseour Anne Sterland, SLJ.


Four members were promoted this year. Serving Sisters Jean Yates and Margaret Lawler were promoted to the rank of Dame. Serving Brothers Daniel Lawler and William Hackett were Knighted.

Dame Jean Yates, DLJ.

Dame Margaret Lawler, DLJ.

Chevalier Daniel Lawler, KLJ.

Chevalier William Hackett, KLJ, MMLJ.


The Grand Priory is extremely proud of the two young men, Michael Sterland and Max Carberry, who were received into the Order as Esquires. The future of the Order is in safe hands.
 Michael Sterland, Esquire. 

Max Carberry, Esquire.


Two good friends of the Order formalised their relationship with the Grand Priory by becoming Companions. The Reverend Dr. Terence Steele is a retired Superintendent Methodist Presbyter. Dr. Anthony Heyes is a retired Lecturer.

The Reverend Dr. Terence Steele, CompLJ.
Dr. Anthony Heyes, CompLJ.

Transfer of Allegiance

Two long-standing members of the Order of St Lazarus were welcomed into the Grand Priory, swearing their allegiance to the 50th Grand Master, Jan Count Dobrzensky z Dobrzenicz.

Dame Denese Carberry, DCLJ.

Chevalier György Sasfy, KLJ. 

Blessing of a Sword

Newly-knighted member William Hackett then had a new sword blessed by the Chaplain General. 

The ceremony of Investiture closed with the intoning of the Suffragium and the Oratio Equitum: 

 God, you have chosen us to be your Knights under the protection of the Most Blessed Virgin and Saint Lazarus, grant us grace to above all fulfil our filial duty to you, to be generous in charity to our neighbour, and to remain invincible until death against the enemies of the Cross. Amen.

Then were sung a Te Deum and the National Anthem, after which the Members of the Grand Priory processed out.

Gala Lunch

 After the Solemn Mass and Investiture members and guests repaired to the splendid East India Club, in St James' Square, for a Gala Lunch.

Michael Sterland Esquire and Max Carberry Esquire

Fr Aldo Tapparo, SChLJ, shares a joke with the Grand Master Emeritus.

Chev. György Sasfy, KLJ, Dame Denese Carberry, DCLJ, and Chev. Nigel Sterland, KLJ, MMLJ.

The Grand Prior rises to speak.
Chevalier William Hackett, KLJ, MMLJ, and Conseour Anne Sterland, SLJ.

HRH Prince Charles-Philipe d'Orléans, Duc d'Anjou.

Michael Sterland Esq. with the Grand Prior

Grand Priory of Great Britain