Sunday 14 August 2016

Celebration Luncheon for our new members

The beautiful Investiture Mass celebrated by His Grace Archbishop Malcolm, with music organised by Chev Anthony Dickinson, including Mozart's Spatzen Messe as the Mass setting, was followed by a drinks reception in the grounds and a celebratory Luncheon.

We were blest with good weather, 
which helped everyone to enjoy the Midori cocktails
(green liqueur with prosecco - for the Order's colours!)

 All attentive as we await praying Grace before meals.

The photographs speak for themselves. 

The food was excellent thanks to caterers Warton Foods

The splendid setting of the marquee set in the handsome grounds of the church was a great success.
Thanks to Aries Leisure - who gave a generous donation to the Order.

The sounds of classical guitar drifted over the lunch.

 Thanks again to Archbishop Malcolm, who joined us for lunch.

 As always, it was a great pleasure to have the Grand Master as our guest of honour.
Some of the Chaplains took him out later that evening to sample the delights of Liverpool on a Saturday evening!

 The customary speeches and toasts.


Friday 12 August 2016

Mass with Archbishop Malcolm McMahon

 Our Sword Bearer, Conf. Michael Sterland 
leads the procession into the church for Mass.

We are indebted to His Grace, the Archbishop of Liverpool, for the kind welcome to his Archdiocese for the Investiture Mass, which he was gracious enough to celebrate for us. We had the joy of welcoming four new members into the ranks of the Order at the hand of the Grand Master, who was once again able to join us on these shores.

 Chaplains and other members of the clergy.

 The sanctuary party arrive at the altar.

 A goodly congregation.

 The Epistle is proclaimed.

 The Gospel is proclaimed.

 Archbishop Malcolm preaches on Our Lady of Mount Carmel - 
the Feast of the day with a long association with the Order.

The High Mass set with the roses of England and the Green Cross of the Order.

 Following Mass, the Investiture is declared.

 The Archbishop of Liverpool blesses the insignia.

 The Postulants are addressed.

 Cons. Theresa O'Neill is invested as a Sister.

 Confrere David O'Neill is invested as a Brother.

 Confrere Joseph Roberts is invested as a Brother.

 Fr Atlee Gunar J√≥nnson is invested as a Chaplain.

 H.E. Chev. Nigel Sterland is made a Commander in the Order of Merit for his work as Treasurer both here in Great Britain and also on the international Governing Council.

 Chev Daniel Lawler and Dame Margaret Lawler are presented with the Order of Merit for their tireless fundraising efforts (earning them the title "the dynamic duo" from the Grand Prior).

H.E. Chev. Matthew Jackson is made a Commander of Merit
for his work on our own Council but also for his service as Secretary to the international Governing Council.

Chev. Anthony Dickinson is made Commander of Merit for his work as Secretary and his continuing fundraising efforts for the Order, as well as his putting his musical talents and organising skills at the service of the Order's liturgical life.

 The Investiture draws to a close.

Members and friends record the day with the Grand Master.