Monday, 7 August 2017

Investiture Invitation

A last chance reminder for any members and friends who have still to reply to the invitation to the Investiture weekend.

Friday 18th August. 
7.30pm  the Vigil,
followed by Dinner at La Corte Restaurant.

Satruday 19th August.
11am High Mass and the Investiture
followed by a Drinks Reception 
Luncheon at Farington Lodge.

Special Gueststhis year,
Vice Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire, Col. Alan Jolley and Mrs Mary Jolley.

Please contact teh Chancellor as soon as possible if you are intending to come and have not yet replied.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Mgr. Dominique Rey Bishop of Fréjus-Toulon is made Prelate Grand Cross of the Order


The annual Chapter of the Grand Priory of Monaco took place on 10th June at Castelet in the presence of Monsignor Dominique Rey, Bishop of Fréjus-Toulon. Also present were HE Count Jan Dobrzenskÿ z Dobrzenicz, Grand Master of Order and HE Prince Charles-Philippe d' Orléans, Duke of Anjou and Grand Master Emeritus, now Grand Prior of France and President of the Governing Council of the Order.

On this occasion Archbishop Rey received the Grand Cross of the Order, becoming a Prelate Grand Cross. In addition, one new Consoeur and seven new Confreres entered the Order, whilst eight members were promoted. Thanks be to God.

Bishop Rey is renowned far beyond his own diocese in the south of France for his forward thinking and the number of ordinations he draws to his diocese, bucking the trend of most dioceses in the western world. Also, for his support of tradition in the Church. For the past several years he has been the inspiration behind an innovative Liturgical Conference - Sacra Liturgia - this year held in Milan (and previously in Rome and London). To say nothing of the annual festival of St Tropez (the Bravade), which draws thousands to take part in the three-day spectacle every year.

Chaplain in Great Britain, Fr Simon Henry, 
with Bishop Rey in St Tropez.

Birthday Donation

The SUROL Bulletin this quarter gives the Grand Priory of Great Britain a full page of thanks occasioned by the donation of £3,125. The Grand Prior, HE Martin Thacker, recently celebrated his 50th birthday and asked for donations for SUROL instead of gifts. 

Happy Birthday to our Grand Prior in this significant year and long may he reign over us!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

A message from Her Majesty The Queen to the Lord-Lieutenant of Greater Manchester

A message from Her Majesty The Queen to the Lord-Lieutenant of Greater Manchester 
Published 23 May 2017

The whole nation has been shocked by the death and injury in Manchester last night of so many people, adults and children, who had just been enjoying a concert.

I know I speak for everyone in expressing my deepest sympathy to all who have been affected by this dreadful event and especially to the families and friends of those who have died or were injured.

I want to thank all the members of the emergency services, who have responded with such professionalism and care.

And I would like to express my admiration for the way the people of Manchester have responded, with humanity and compassion, to this act of barbarity.


Monday, 22 May 2017

Cardinal Duka and Prague Festival

Cardinal Duka led the celebrations for the feast of St John Nepomuk, Patron Saint of Prague, last week.  A splendid Mass in the packed Cathedral celebrated by the Cardinal, who was joined by the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza (3rd from the left) with about forty priests in attendance, many seminarians, members of the Order and Chaplain General from Great Britain, Fr Simon Henry as well. (1st on the left). In the morning before the Mass, Cardnal Duka received Fr Simon in his office in the Archbishops Palace for a short meeting.

 Members of the Order preparing for the Procession.

Before Mass began, the cardinal blessed a team of horses from Moravia from the balcony of his palace.

As Mass concluded, the clergy and people processed from the Cathedral with the relic of St John. The elaborate canopy to the rear hangs over his magnificent shrine, where the relic is kept.

The celebration goes back a long way, flourishing in the Baroque period, but was in abeyance for many years under the years of Communist rule. However, in recent years Cardinal Duka has re-established it as a huge public festival, with a procession through he streets and over the Charles Bridge, concluding with a spectacular fireworks display on the river, complete with full orchestra and a huge party on a river boat for the great and the good of Prague. Used very much as a way to put the Church back at the centre of the city's cultural life. (The Church suffered greatly in the former Czechoslovakia and the present day Czech Republic has only about 10% of the population declaring themselves as Catholics.)

An open topped carriage is gifted to the Cardinal for the day, which means that he can ride for most of the procession, rather than walk (lucky him, it takes quite while).

The relic on the Charles Bridge, where prayers and litanies at his statue were said at the site marked as the place of martyrdom, where he was thrown into the river in 1393.

The fireworks were something to behold and great fun in concert with the music.

The following day Fr Simon Henry and Chev. Petr Řehoř, along with others from the Order held a useful meeting to discuss various issues relating to common approaches the Order to various issues.

There are many more photographs


and HERE on the Archdiocesan site.

A news report here - in Czech, if anyone is clever enough to speak it!

The splendid fireworks.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Chapter in Southport

The Grand Prior, The Much Honoured Baron of Fetternear

Members of the Grand Priory of great Britian were summoned to the annual Chapter Meeting last weekend to hear an account of our activities over the past year and to formulate new strategies for the year ahead.

We gathered in the church of St Joseph (E.W. Pugin) in Birkdale, near Southport, where we were welcomed by Parish Priest and Chaplain tot he Order, Fr Atli Jónsson,VF.

 Chancellor Rev. Fr. Mark Lawler rouses the troops.

Treasurer H.E. Chev. Nigel Sterland

We have been able to donate 
to SUROL, 
Cardinal Ranjith's leprosy chrity in Sri Lanka in the past year.

The Grand Prior with Cardinal Ranjith in Sri Lanka.

We were also able to present
the British Limbless Veteran's Association.

 Grand Prior,The Much Honoured Baron of Fetternear, 
with our Grand Master Count Jan DOBRZENSKY Z DOBRZENICZ, 
and Fr Simon Henry, presenting a cheque for £2,000 
to the Vice Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire,Col.Alan Jolley, 
representing The British Limbless Veteran’s Association.

Hospitaller Chev. William Hackett

We will continue to support SUROL in the coming year and have adopted SENSE as our "home" charity for this year. 

SENSE works with people who are both deaf and blind and so have two great challenges in living their lives to the full. We are supporting them with Sense Holidays, a holiday programme catering to children, young people and adults who are deafblind and do not have the opportunity to experience a break away from their routine or try new activities like attending a music festival, rock climbing or horse riding. Thier trained and fully-vetted holiday volunteers have the specialist knowledge to make these activities accessible and enjoyable for people who are deafblind. Aside from a much needed break from routine, the benefits for our deafblind holidaymakers include
- making new friends and trying new activities, potentially gaining a new hobby in the process
- strengthening their motor skills and ability to move independently
- improving their communication skills, whether using British Sign Language, the Deafblind Alphabet or any number of specialised communication systems
- better physical and mental health, with most holidaymakers saying they come away happier from a holiday

This year, we want to provide three teenagers from Derbyshire with a week-long Sense holiday at a cost of £2,000 each.

We are also hoping to sponsor one child for their Children’s Specialist Services. This focuses on determining the child's abilities and ways of stimulating any residual sight and / or hearing.  This allows them to find ways to develop a child’s skills and learning into meaningful interactions so parent and child can begin to communicate. Without specialist help, children with deafblindness may not be able to learn to make best use of any residual vision and hearing they may have, or of their other senses. They cannot begin to communicate or understand the world, leaving their psychological, emotional, educational and social development at risk of being severely compromised.

Past experience reveals that many children with deafblindness can achieve and experts support them to make sense of the world and reach their full potential. This is vital for the children to get the best possible chance at living an independent life; and one full of the same sorts of experiences and moments that hearing sighted people take for granted.

This in-depth help package of support costs on average £1,680 per child. These can include helping a child transition from children’s services to adult services, both through Local Authorities and schools, and support through hospital stays and times of crisis. All support is free for families.

O Lord, who illuminate the minds of these Thy servants with the light of your charity and in their hearts kindle the flame of your love; we beseech Thee that their vocations be graced with fulfilment; the vanities of this world rejected and, comforted by the remembrance of Thy Passion, carrying their cross with joy, and following the path of Your commandments, they may attain the certain reward promised to the faithful.

From the closing prayers for the Chapter.

                                       ATAVIS ET ARMIS

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Summer Conference in France

A number of members from the Grand Priory of Great Britain will be taking part in the Chavagnes Studium Summer Conference between 31st July and 4th August this year. Our Chancellor, Fr Mark Lawler, SChLJ MMLJ (who is Chaplain at Chavagnes) will again be presenting a paper. Also taking part will be our Secretary, Chev. Anthony Dickinson KLJ and Chaplain General, Fr. Simon Henry ECLJ GOMLJ.

The theme of the Conference this year is Our Lady and Martydom.
The Conference is conducted in English.

Conference cost, including all meals from Monday dinner to Friday: 260 euros.

Various Accommodation options from 60 euros (total) upwards.
Special all-in price for students aged 18-30 :  150 euros for the whole week.

We had a unique experience last year, as you can see from these photos...









or use the e-mail below to request further details.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Burns' Night Supper 2017

Chev. William Hackett KLJ MMLJ sets the scene 
as he prepares to warm up the pipes for the evening!

The Burns' Night Supper, hosted in Leyland, Lancashire 
and prepared by members Danny and Margaret Lawler, 
has become an annual event,
much anticipated by members and friends of the Order
from near and far.

This year proved the best attended Burns' Night yet 
and we raised £1,256 
for the leprosy charity SUROL in Sri Lanka. 
These funds are sent directly to the charity's patron, 
the Archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith
Prelate Grand Cross of the Order of Merit.

The guests arriving.

Conf David O'Neill and Cons Teresa O'Neill,
who helped to raise our total funds on the evening by running a prize draw.

Mr John Robinson and Mrs Grace Robinson, 
friends of the Order. 
Thanks to Mr Robinson once again for the photographs

The saying goes that a man in a kilt is a man and a half!

Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, 
Great chieftain o the puddin'-race!

(Reference to the Haggis, of course, not Conf Lawler!)

Conf Andrew McDermot gives the Address to the Haggis 
and  does the honours of opening it up with a singular pen-knife of a vaguely military hue. 

His knife see rustic Labour dight,
An cut you up wi ready slight,
Trenching your gushing entrails bright,
Like onie ditch;
And then, O what a glorious sight,
Warm-reekin, rich!

Chev. Anthony Dickinson KLJ
treated us to a few suitable songs for the occasion.

I think the Scots call that, "Gi'en it laldie!"

The Grand Prior, The Much Honoured Baron of Fetternear,
giving a seemingly entertaining speech!

Raising a glass to the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns
- or were we toasting the King over the Water at this point?

Conf Damien McGrath gives the traditional toast to the Lassies,
extolling the many shortcomings and the few saving merits of the fairer sex.

Cons. Trish McGrath gives the Response and the Toast to the Laddies,
extolling their many shortcomings and their few saving graces!

Rev. Fr. Mark Lawler treats us to some of the excruciatingly good poetry of one of his compatriots, 
William Topaz McGonagall...

Poor little Sarah had never seen the snow;
She knew it was beautiful white, some children told her so;
And in December, when the snow began to fall,
She would go to the door and make a snowball.

I think we were enjoying it...

The dynamic duo of Burns' Night, Danny and Margaret Lawler
take a well earned rest after toiling in the kitchen all day!

And there's a hand, my trusty fiere!
and gie's a hand o' thine!
And we'll tak' a right gude-willie waught,
for auld lang syne.