Monday 23 August 2021

Update in these Covid times

The Covid threat is thankfully lessening here in the UK and that being so, the Grand Prior has been considering the possibility of an Investiture in the autumn, postponed from last year's late October date. However, although we do have eager postulants petitioning for investiture in the Order, a suitable date that would suit everyone and in liaison with hotels and venues, at this relatively late stage could not be found. It is also clear that some members are perhaps still not comfortable with travel and coming to events just yet. With all that in mind, and in the hope that the Covid situation will be much clearer in a few months, it is hoped that we might have an Investiture in the late Spring or Summer of 2022. With plenty of advance warning for everyone to keep the date in their diary.

All that being so, the good news is that the Grand Priory of Great Britain has still managed to donate £10,000 to SUROL in Sri Lanka. We thank God for our generous benefactors.

Deceased members and friends of the Order will be remembered at Mass on All Souls day by the Chaplain at St Catherine's Church in Farington, to which everyone is, of course invited to attend.

Let us continue to pray for one another and look forward to meeting again soon.

Atavis et Armis!