St Lazarus Education Sponsorship Programme

St Lazarus Education Sponsorship Programme 

The Society for Upliftment & Rehabilitation of Persons affected by leprosy (SUROL) attempts to meet the challenges of illness, social deprivation and stigma faced by those affected by leprosy; without discriminating on the grounds of race or religion – an essential feature as Sri Lanka recovers from decades of political turbulence and civil war.

Currently, SUROL supports 271 Individual Beneficiaries, 184 Beneficiary Families and 75 Children of Beneficiaries (who are 
assisted with the cost of education - school, university and schools of higher education, etc.).


By pledging a monthly direct debit of £11 you will offer a great gift, providing education to the next generation of those who suffer from the effects of Leprosy in Sri Lanka.

The St Lazarus Education Sponsorship Programme currently sponsors 7 students, but our aim is to sponsor many more. Can you help?

Often for the parents of these children education is not a priority. However, there are a few who have made the best use of the financial support and excelled in their studies. SUROL proudly cites the case of Chanika Dilhani, daughter of Julice Singho of Ratnapura, who has entered the University of Kelaniya. Here is a note of appreciation received from her:

"Surol’s officers have always advised me to make the maximum use of the assistance given for education so that I can get the best benefit from this programme. I think that I have achieved this goal with the help of Surol. 
Out of 215,250 students who sat for the Advanced Level Examination in 2010, only about 20,000 have been selected for higher studies in the university. My selection for university education was possible because of the help and advice of the Officers at SUROL. St. Konrad Nortorf of Germany, who supported me with a sponsorship will be proud of my achievement. 
While waiting to hear from the authorities regarding the selection to the University, I followed a degree course, which will help me towards university studies. I have also followed English Language and computer courses. 
My objective is to be a lecturer at the university and hope to help support children in the same way that Surol did to me.I cannot describe in words what this opportunity means to me; to have the support of Surol for a child of a leprosy affected person like me.  
I would make an earnest appeal to kind hearted and generous persons to come forward and help children like me coming from stigmatised, marginalised and ostracised families to come up in life. 

Chanika Dilhani Wijesekera"

For further details of how to support the St Lazarus Education Sponsorship Programme please contact us.