Thursday 25 August 2022

Charity Dinner for the Ukraine and Benediction

The Grand Priory of Great Britain recently held a Dinner to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees.
Members and friends gathered in Lancashire at the Church of St Catherine Labouré
for the awarding of promotions and a Thanksgiving Benediction.

Entrance procession.

At the altar

Sone excellent singing and chant raised our hearts and minds.

The main promotions were of our long standing members, David and Theresa O'Neill to the rank of Knight and Dame.

The Grand Prior, H.E. Chev. Anthony Dickinson  KLJ CMLJ
dubs David as a Knight of the Order. 

Prayers over the new Knight and Dame.

Our special guests and now old friends of the Order, Deputy Lord Lieutenant Charles Hadcock and his wife, Camilla. 

Fr Leo Daley proclaims the Gospel.

A sermon given by the Chaplain General.

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament was given in Thanksgiving.

Our Hospitaller,  William Hackett CSt.J StJ KLJ CML carries the sword, as always with unique stlye!

A drinks reception followed.

The newly promoted.

A splendid dinner was held at Farington Lodge.

Some of the members for the obligatory Photo.