Since 2011 The Grand Priory of Great Britain, working in collaboration with the wider International Order of Saint Lazarus, has assisted in helping the charitable works of SUROL, a leprosy charity run by His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, Archbishop of Colombo, Sri Lanka. This collaboration sees a welcome return to the roots of the Order - giving aid to those suffering from leprosy.

Order of Saint Lazarus and SUROL

With the support of the Grand Master, H.E. Jan Count Dobrzensk├Ż z Dobrzenicz, His Eminence Dominik Cardinal Duka and the Grand Priory of Great Britain we have been able to further develop our relationship with SUROL over the last eight years. Having recently assisted financially with several building project, the  Order is now looking to assist in as many way possible to relieve their financial burdens.

Under the auspices of the OSLJGB Charitable Trust, the Grand Master has established an “Order of Saint Lazarus Education Scholarship”.

The scholarship will provide the means necessary to assist with the provision of education to children and it reflects our understanding that every child ought to be entitled to this fundamental human right, being treated with dignity and humanity. Primary education supports children at a critical time in their physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth.

SUROL have intimated that the cost of supporting a child in education is Rs 2000, which equates to only £11.00 per month. Please consider assisting us with this project.

Find out more about the Education Scholarship here.