Thursday 9 December 2010

The Grand Master's Advent Message

To my friends in the name of Saint Lazarus,
The end of 2010 is now approaching and we can all sigh with relief, "What a year!"

With Christmas close at hand it is significant to note that, with the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is moving forward into a brighter future. Yes, our faith in our Almighty Lord will spur us on in our mission to help the sick, the needy, and the poor. In this, we will not be wavered in the defence of the Christian values so close to our hearts.

Let us be guided by that bright star that leads us towards Bethlehem and pay homage to our creator with humility and joy. Our motivation is intense and the mission presented in Orléans will be fulfilled. No, there are no dark clouds over the horizon. Our dignity is intact and we will continue to conduct ourselves as charitable and chivalrous Christians.

And for this advent season, let us pray for our fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world. Take up our tendered hand and let us join together as one great family.

For you my dear friends, for your families and loved ones, I wish you all a very happy and holy Christmas.

Yours in the name of Saint Lazarus,

Jan Count Dobrzenský z Dobrzenicz
50th Grand Master