Wednesday 4 July 2012

Garden Party

 The Grand Prior, the Much Honoured Baron of Fetternear,  declares the Garden Party open.

Grand Priory Members Daniel & Margaret Lawler had the bright idea of holding a Garden Party to raise funds for our 'home' charity, St Catherine's hospice, in the grounds of St Catherine's Catholic Church, Farington, with the support of the Chaplain General, Fr Simon Henry, ECLJ. (The hospice in Leyland shares its name with the Church, although dedicated to St Catherine of Sienna rather than St Catherine Labouré. (The Hospice was started by a Catholic lady who had a devotion to St Catherine of Sienna).

The weather here has been dreadful for a couple of weeks now but the sun came out for the Garden Party  - in fact, just as the Grand Prior declared it open the sun burst forth.  Perhaps St Lazarus is a good patron to pray to for fine weather!

There was an excellent turnout and we raised £1,000 for the Hospice to add to the £600 the Grand Priory gave them earlier in the year.  Thank you to members and Companions of the Order and to the many parishioners who helped out and supported the event. Thank you also to those brave souls who travelled by coach from Yorkshire & Loughborough!

 Brian & Margareta Munro, CompLJ, feed the crowds

  Brenda Flanagan, CompLJ, testing the goods!

  The Grand Treasurer looks after the money!

  Margaret Brumwell, CompLJ, & friends

  Daniel & Margaret Lawler hard at work!

  Companions Brenda Flanagan, Jim & Ivy Guthrie, & member Jean Yates, SLJ 

Mass in Latin was offered beforehand for those who had travelled by Fr Mark Lawler, SChLJ, Chancellor of the Grand Priory