Tuesday 16 October 2012

Investiture 2012 Admissions & Promotions


Three new members were welcomed into the noble Order last weekend at our Annual Investiture. Confrere William Douglas and Consoeur Elizabeth Douglas had been Companions of the Order, and have now decided to become full members. Consoeur Ann Lyon has also been a good friend to the Grand Priory, attending several functions over the last few years. We are delighted to welcome them.

Confrere William Douglas,BLJ

Consoeur Elizabeth Douglas,SLJ

Consoeur Ann Lyon, SLJ


Three members of the Grand Priory were promoted. Confrere Daniel Lawler was promoted to the rank of Serving Brother. Consoeur Margaret Lawler was promoted to the rank of Serving Sister. Confrere Anthony Dickinson was promoted to the rank of Knight.

Confrere Daniel Lawler, SBLJ, & Consoeur Margaret Lawler, SSLJ

Chevalier Anthony Dickinson, KLJ

Transfer of Obedience

The Most Revd Much Honoured Chev Michael Chenery of Horsbrugh and Whitehope, KLJ, declared his allegance to the Order under the 50th Grand Master.