Tuesday 12 November 2013

Requiescant in Pace

The month of November provides ample opportunities to pray for the Faithful Departed, including, of course, Remembrance Sunday.  As Christians we are doing so much more than just remembering -  we are also praying for the souls of the faithful departed.

The church in quiet readiness for Mass.

Solemn Requiem Mass was offered on Saturday in the Church of St Catherine Labouré, Farington, for deceased members and friends of the Order of St Lazarus, for the War Dead and for all the Holy Souls in this month of November.
A number of members of our Grand Priory have had significant bereavements over the past months & they were included especially in our prayers.

Thank you to the ad hoc group of singers who sang the chant of the Mass and created such a prayerful atmosphere. Offering Mass with any of the traditional chant is so dependent on the services of those willing and able to provide music. In this the Grand Priory of Great Britain is admirably blessed by the talents and skill of Chevalier Anthony Dickinson KLJ.

There were many members of the Grand Priory present in their mantles, including our Chaplain General, the Grand Secretary, & Grand Treasurer of the Order.  The Sacred Ministers were all Chaplains of Order; Fr Thomas Wood ChLJ, Fr Damian McCaughan ChLJ, and Fr Mark Lawler SChLJ.  Particular thanks to Canon Amaury Montjean (from St Peter and Paul's, New Brighton) for acting as the MC and to the other servers.