Friday 19 December 2014

More pictures from Belgium

The new flag of the Priory is brought in to be blest.

As the previous post revealed, the Order of St Lazarus now has a fully fledged Grand Priory in the Kingdom of Belgium. It was a well organised weekend and a great credit to the new Grand Prior and the other members of the Order there.  

The splendid church of St Michael was full for the occasion.

The Grand Master presents the flag to the new Prior.

Chaplains from the Grand Priory of Great Britain in attendance.

New members preparing to be received.

The Grand Prior of France and the Grand Master await the ceremonies.

Atavis et Armis!

Jean-Claude Babin is promoted to the rank of Brother Servant.

Pierre Piccinin da Prata is received into the Order.
A journalist and author, in April 2013, Pierre was on his eighth trip to Syria, when he was abducted in the city of al-Qousseyr.  You can read of his horrific experiences in his own account here "Syria - A Journey to Hell."  (Although be warned, the video footage is not for the faint-hearted.) A testimony to the calibre of the members of the Belgium Priory

Nicolas Borderioux is promoted to Brother Servant.

Glimpse of an early Christmas tree - even before the fourth Sunday of Advent!

Holy Mass - to pray for blessings upon the new Grand Priory.

The boys of the excellent choir - the Little Singers of Belgium.


 Chateau Sainte-Anne was the impressive setting for the Reception and Dinner.





The Grand Master, HE Jan Count Dobrzensky z Dobrzenicz, proposes the Toast.

Atavis et Armis!

THe new Grand Prior of Belgium, HE Damien van Bellingham with the wife of the Grand Prior of France,  Diana Álvares Pereira de Melo, 11th Duchess of Cadaval, and H.E. Thierry Pauquet de Villejust, Grand Bailiff of the USA, where the Order is flourishing under his guidance.