Wednesday 17 February 2016

St Thomas More Legal Centre

A cheque is presented by Chaplin General, Fr Simon Henry, ECLJ GOMLJ.
Along with Chancellor, Fr. Mark Lawler SChLJ MMLJ,
Marshal H.E. Chev. Matthew Jackson KLJ,
and Secretary Chev. Anthony Dickinson KLJ.

At an Order function recently - our annual Burns' Night celebration - the Grand Priory of Great Britain was pleased to be able to support the St Thomas More Legal Centre with a cheque for £500, which was presented to its National Director, Barrister Mr Neil Addison. (He is the author of the Guide to Religious Freedom and the Law and Religious Discrimination and Hatred Law.)

The Grand Priory felt that the Centre's defence of Christians in modern society echoed the defence of Christians in the Holy Land that is the foundation and tradition of the chivalric Orders in their original purpose.