Monday 24 April 2017

Chapter in Southport

The Grand Prior

Members of the Grand Priory of great Britian were summoned to the annual Chapter Meeting last weekend to hear an account of our activities over the past year and to formulate new strategies for the year ahead.

We gathered in the church of St Joseph (E.W. Pugin) in Birkdale, near Southport, where we were welcomed by Parish Priest and Chaplain tot he Order, Fr Atli Jónsson,VF.

 Chancellor Rev. Fr. Mark Lawler rouses the troops.

Treasurer H.E. Chev. Nigel Sterland

We have been able to donate 
to SUROL, 
Cardinal Ranjith's leprosy chrity in Sri Lanka in the past year.

We were also able to present
the British Limbless Veteran's Association.

 Grand Prior,The Much Honoured Baron of Fetternear, 
with our Grand Master Count Jan DOBRZENSKY Z DOBRZENICZ, 
and Fr Simon Henry, presenting a cheque for £2,000 
to the Vice Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire,Col.Alan Jolley, 
representing The British Limbless Veteran’s Association.

Hospitaller Chev. William Hackett

We will continue to support SUROL in the coming year and have adopted SENSE as our "home" charity for this year. 

SENSE works with people who are both deaf and blind and so have two great challenges in living their lives to the full. We are supporting them with Sense Holidays, a holiday programme catering to children, young people and adults who are deafblind and do not have the opportunity to experience a break away from their routine or try new activities like attending a music festival, rock climbing or horse riding. Thier trained and fully-vetted holiday volunteers have the specialist knowledge to make these activities accessible and enjoyable for people who are deafblind. Aside from a much needed break from routine, the benefits for our deafblind holidaymakers include
- making new friends and trying new activities, potentially gaining a new hobby in the process
- strengthening their motor skills and ability to move independently
- improving their communication skills, whether using British Sign Language, the Deafblind Alphabet or any number of specialised communication systems
- better physical and mental health, with most holidaymakers saying they come away happier from a holiday

This year, we want to provide three teenagers from Derbyshire with a week-long Sense holiday at a cost of £2,000 each.

We are also hoping to sponsor one child for their Children’s Specialist Services. This focuses on determining the child's abilities and ways of stimulating any residual sight and / or hearing.  This allows them to find ways to develop a child’s skills and learning into meaningful interactions so parent and child can begin to communicate. Without specialist help, children with deafblindness may not be able to learn to make best use of any residual vision and hearing they may have, or of their other senses. They cannot begin to communicate or understand the world, leaving their psychological, emotional, educational and social development at risk of being severely compromised.

Past experience reveals that many children with deafblindness can achieve and experts support them to make sense of the world and reach their full potential. This is vital for the children to get the best possible chance at living an independent life; and one full of the same sorts of experiences and moments that hearing sighted people take for granted.

This in-depth help package of support costs on average £1,680 per child. These can include helping a child transition from children’s services to adult services, both through Local Authorities and schools, and support through hospital stays and times of crisis. All support is free for families.

O Lord, who illuminate the minds of these Thy servants with the light of your charity and in their hearts kindle the flame of your love; we beseech Thee that their vocations be graced with fulfilment; the vanities of this world rejected and, comforted by the remembrance of Thy Passion, carrying their cross with joy, and following the path of Your commandments, they may attain the certain reward promised to the faithful.

From the closing prayers for the Chapter.

                                       ATAVIS ET ARMIS