Wednesday 19 December 2018

Historic Orléans and Boigny Meeting with Bishop Blacquart

Three members of the Grand Priory of Great Britain joined our confreres and consouers in France for an historic meeting, as the Bishop of Orléans recognized the Order as an Association of the Faithful in his Diocese.

An Investiture was held in the Polish Church of Saint Joseph, in the shadow of Orléans Cathedral, in the presence of HRH. Prince Charles-Philippe d' Orléans on Friday 14th December, with Mass the next day in nearby Boigny celebrated by the Bishop of Orléans.

 A new Knight is created.

 Chanting the final Anthem to Our Blessed Lady.

 Chaplains and members of the Order with Prince Charles-Phillippe.

H.E. Damien Van Bellingham with Chev. Pierre Piccinin da Prata
standing in front of the relic of St Lazarus.

 Outside St Joseph's Chapel, which nestles just behind Orléans Cathedral.

 Dinner in the centre of Orléans followed.

 On the Saturday, members and friends gathered in the Church of St Pierre es Liens in Boigny, part of the first lands bequested to the Order after we left the Holy Land. The Bishop of Orléans, Mgr Jaccques Blaquart celebrated the Mass, along with French Chaplains, in the historic church, which bears the St Lazarus cross in many of its decorations.

 A splendid lunch followed in with Bishop Blacquart and HRH Prince Charles-Philippe, pictured here with British Chaplains Fr Mark Lawler and Chaplain to the Grand Magistry, Fr Simon Henry.

H.E. Chev. Matthew Jackson along with the two British Chaplains represented the Grand Priory of Great Britain with thanks for the very warm welcome by our brothers and sisters of the Order.

David Nivière.
With thanks.