Friday 8 April 2022

Ukraine refugee assistance

An update of some of the work going on that our donations have helped towards.

Peter Tüzes KLJ, Chancellor of the Grand Priory of Hungary writes: 

Since the last report we continued and continue to work together with Kolping Society (Hungarian Kolping Association). This week we finished with our 7th transport and like the previous 3, the route was again through Romania.

So far we have supplied app. 20 tons of food, hygienic and sanitary products, baby and women protection packages, bandage, field-beds, sleeping bags etc.

Our supply targets South of Ukraine, where there is no war but are many internal refugees. We had to rent vans and small trucks, and we sent the goods to a Kolping Hospital.

So far 7 from the 20 Hungarian brothers made at least one trip to central or eastern Romania (where we transship the loads to Ukrainian vans), mainly as drivers (jfyi: a return trip has ~ 1700 km and takes 2 x 13 hours).

We continue to collect donations form Hungarian companies and civilians. With the help received from the Saint Lazarus Order, the Liechtenstein Hilfswerk and with other donations we can continue our mission.

In parallel with the supplies sent directly to Ukraine we continue to provide Hungarian Refugee Centers with warm meals. We are in contact with 3 centers, hosting altogether app 90-100 people.

I am proud to tell you, that after more than a month of humanitarian crisis the generosity of the Hungarian society and compassion with the refugees is still at high level. App. 600,000 refugees have entered Hungary so far, 8-10% of them remained in the country.

Let’s continue to pray for peace!