Monday 19 July 2010

The Way Forward

I am pleased to inform you that on Saturday 17 July the Council of the Commandery of Great Britain met to discuss, in the light of recent events, the way forward for the Order in the UK. This was a very productive meeting which helped to solidify the direction that the Commandery wishes to go. From it we made the final preparations for the October investiture - to take place in Oxford. These also included discussion about our continuing support for the Grand Master Emeritus HRH Charles-Philippe d'Orléans, Duke of Anjou . At the request of the council, he has agreed to travel to Oxford in October to perform the Investiture ceremonies.

With this in mind the council also considered new projects for the Commandery to undertake in the comming year, namely supporting charities in the UK and adopting an international charity to support. further information will be forthcoming.

All members are invited also to the Chapter General, which will be held in Orléans on 19-21 November 2010. Here the 50th Grand Master will be appointed and installed. Again, as with all international gatherings, it will be a time to mix business and pleasure.