Tuesday 29 October 2019

Charity Gin Tasting Evening

The Grand Priory hosted a Charity Gin Tasting evening in Lancashire last week.
Such events have become very popular in recent years 
with the resurgence of new gin distilleries 
and renewed interest in creative new flavours.

It proved a popular event with us as well.

We raised £280 for the Orders Charities.
These include:
tackling leprosy in Sri Lanka with our partners SUROL
British Army Veterans Benevolent Fund, 
St Catherine’s Hospice, 
         St Joseph’s Hospice.          
 There was much discussion as to the relative merits of each of the six bottles we tasted.

 Obviously a discerning palate here.

It looks like Father may have tasted something a little bitter?

It proved a very enjoyable evening.
Our thanks to those who donated the various bottles of gin.

It had to be explained to some that it was not a whole bottle for each person!
Something fitting for the end of the evening!